We’re an embodiment. We're God's little warriors. We're network kommandos. We're whitepilled. We're lawyered up in the court of clout. We're live laugh lovers. We put all our points into karma and love. We’re microdosers. We’re models. We’re CDjs. We’re supplement freaks. We're Wired, we're Not in Employment Education or Training. We're viral cryptoxillionaires. We don't have to try. We're the new art.
Remilia is an institution. Remilia is a self-organization. Remilia is a lifestyle brand. Remilia is a master-planned community. Remilia is an investment fund. Remilia is an artist's colony. Remilia is a crowdfunded video game. Remilia is an autonomous smart contract. Remilia is an independent record label. Remilia is a community center for the digital village. Remilia is a manifesto. Remilia will save the internet.

Remilia presents the first official release of #BASEDRETARDGANG, the chaotic, lovepilled collective formed of network spirituality acolytes from the Milady community.

The World’s First Post-Identity Hyper-Referential Post-Authorship K-Pop Group Has Manifested Abundance.

Limited edition release of 150 cassettes.