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Remilia Lapel Pins

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Remilia Classic Smiley Pin:

The Remilia Smiley is a blessing in re-appropriation. Sprite had been tasked with finding a suitably cheeky and menacing smiley to use a logo or mascot, in the spirit of =], when he happened across a random smiley while on an Auctioncore deep dive. Lifted from its original context as "TMN Classix" album art, it quickly became a favorite logo candidate in the office.

(the original Smiley got its characteristic long eye shape from two falling bombs and a circular cutout on the record's sleeve.)


Remilia Academy Crest Pin:
Featuring a Remilia emblem modeled after  the Blossom Crests of Japanese Private schools, this Pin is the ultimate in-group signifier. Attached to the breast of a Crisp White Shirt, or the lapel of a suit, this pin will let others know you're a part of something special and a Remilia Stan Forever.

Remilia Academy Crest Pin Made in Royal Blue Enamel with Silver Metal and a metal pin stay.
Remilia Classic Smiley Pin Made in yellow Enamel with black Metal and a metal pin stay.

1" in diameter.

We’re an embodiment. We're God's little warriors. We're network kommandos. We're whitepilled. We're lawyered up in the court of clout. We're live laugh lovers. We put all our points into karma and love. We’re microdosers. We’re models. We’re CDjs. We’re supplement freaks. We're Wired, we're Not in Employment Education or Training. We're viral cryptoxillionaires. We don't have to try. We're the new art. 
Remilia will save the internet. Remilia is a manifesto. Remilia is an institution. Remilia is a self-organization. Remilia is a lifestyle brand. Remilia is a master-planned community. Remilia is an investment fund. Remilia is an artist's colony. Remilia is a crowdfunded video game. Remilia is an autonomous smart contract. Remilia is an independent record label. Remilia is a community center for the digital village.