• Milady LOVE-R'S Bootleg T-shirt
  • Milady LOVE-R'S Bootleg T-shirt
  • Milady LOVE-R'S Bootleg T-shirt

Milady LOVE-R'S Bootleg T-shirt

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Rework of a Super Lovers t-shirt long out of print at the time of production.
Super Lovers was a Harajuku brand that was popular in the 90s for its Optimist slogans and its references to the 80s London Club Scene.

The logo switched out for a milady head sketch, hinting at Milady being canonized in merch before this all became Real.

Asset from Milady Maker, Made Real. Printed in Black on a white Oversized T-Shirt with a fuzzy edge applied to both the text and the milady sketch, with Milady Eyes print on the back.

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Length Chest
31" 23"
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