• Remilia Corporation 2024 Calendar
  • Remilia Corporation 2024 Calendar
  • Remilia Corporation 2024 Calendar

Remilia Corporation 2024 Calendar

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Did you know that your favorite Remilia characters all hang out and have fun when you're not looking at them? You can see some of their adventures and activities in the inaugural Remilia Essence Desk Calendar. Come flip through each month and have Remilia's iconic figures keep you company throughout 2024! Each month contains not just the usual holidays, but the special moments in Remilia's history. Enjoy tasteful stylized custom artwork depicting Milady, Remilio, Bonkler, YAYO and more! Reach the absolute peak of your potential with monthly assigned life enrichment missions, or participate in the posting theme of the month! This delightful calendar will not only be your guide and companion through the annals of time, but is also a valuable collectible, the first of many Remilia Calendars throughout the years.


We’re an embodiment. We're God's little warriors. We're network kommandos. We're whitepilled. We're lawyered up in the court of clout. We're live laugh lovers. We put all our points into karma and love. We’re microdosers. We’re models. We’re CDjs. We’re supplement freaks. We're Wired, we're Not in Employment Education or Training. We're viral cryptoxillionaires. We don't have to try. We're the new art. 
Remilia will save the internet. Remilia is a manifesto. Remilia is an institution. Remilia is a self-organization. Remilia is a lifestyle brand. Remilia is a master-planned community. Remilia is an investment fund. Remilia is an artist's colony. Remilia is a crowdfunded video game. Remilia is an autonomous smart contract. Remilia is an independent record label. Remilia is a community center for the digital village.